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The 9315CTP Imaging printer
Produces large, photographic quality prints.


  • Large (10.1 inch) printing width
  • 256 Gray Shades per pixel
  • 2048 pixels per line
  • Fiber, Plastic, or Transparent based recording mediums
  • Low maintenance, Reliable operation
  • No chemicals, no toner, no ribbons, no waste
  • Multiple computer interfaces

The ALDEN Continuous Tone Thermal Printer, 9315CTP, is a general, all-purpose image printer that provides fast, high quality photographic images. Images are recorded on a choice of thermal fiber, plastic or transparent "paper." The printed images are 10.1 inches in width by any length (up to 150 ft.) and feature 256 shades of gray per pixel and a resolution of 2048 pixels per line.

The CTP printer is well suited for a wide range of applications where low cost, photographic quality images are required. Typical applications include medical scanning such as arteriograms, industrial scanning electron microscopy, undersea research such as sub-bottom profiling, aerial reconnaissance and satellite photography. Jitter free operation and the precise positioning of each dot guarantee that each image is sharp and clearly defined.

Detailed image captions are easy to print with the built-in ASCII text mode. The CTP printer can also function as a normal text printer permitting hard copy recording of telemetry or parametric information without the need of a second "text only" printer.

A high speed black/white mode is used for printing line art or images from "Computer Aided Design Systems where tone shade reproduction is not required. A complete 10 by 18 inch drawing can be printed in under 30 seconds.


The ALDEN Continuous Tone Thermal Printer is designed for minimum operator attention. The thermal print head technology eliminates the need for replacing messy ink cartridges, worn ribbons or refilling toner canisters. With the exception of the paper feed assembly and cooling fans, there are no moving parts. Because it has just 3 moving parts, it's rated at 20,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failure).

A liquid crystal display shows the printer status at all times. A convenient top mounted keypad allows quick access to operator selectable parameters such as the selection of plastic, fiber or transparent recording media. A built-in set of diagnostic test patterns are operator selectable from the front panel to provide quick verification of operation.

The CTP is available with GPIB, SCSI or Parallel Computer Interfaces. The SCSI and GPIB Interface versions are supplied with 1 megabyte of internal buffer memory which can be expanded to 8 megabytes.

The Alden Imaging Division has been a pioneer in the electronic imaging field since 1946. Alden imaging systems have been used by the FAA, the U.S. Military, NASA, the National Weather Service, and many private companies and universities. The 9315CTP printer is the culmination of years of design effort that yielded a high quality, low cost, rugged and reliable thermal printer.

Contact us to see how good your images can look when printed on an ALDEN 9315CTP. We will be glad to send you samples and a brochure.



Alden Electronics, Inc.
40 Washington Street,
PO Box 500
Westborough, MA 01581 USA
Phone: 800-225-9492 or 508-366-8851,
Fax: 508-898-2427

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