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Alden Weather has been providing innovative, weather data collection, display, distribution and manipulation systems to meterologists across the world, for over 50 years.


GEMPAK - Gempak is a compilation of programs that was developed by NASA that takes raw data and puts that data into a user-friendly graphical display.

RADAR - Alden provides two systems that will receive live radar images. There is a system that will fit most budgets.

SATELLITE Picture Receiving Systems - Alden provides weather satellite picture receiving systems that allow you to ingest, store, enhance and display live weather satellite images.

DIFAX - Automatically receive digital weather chart transmissions from the National Digital Facsimile Circuit (DIFAX)

LIGHTNING - Real-time lightning data from the National Lightning Detection Network can be displayed for any area you select from our lightning data service. Within seconds of a stroke, you'll know the position ,time, polarity and peak amplitude.

ZFX WEATHER INFORMATION BY FAX - You can receive low cost weather charts, satellite pictures and current radar images from your common fax machine. Choose from these and over 800 other weather products.

GRIB - The NWS numerical product output of the global and regional forecast models composed of gridded global wind and temperature data presented in binary code format.


Alden Electronics, Inc.
40 Washington Street,
PO Box 500
Westborough, MA 01581 USA
Phone: 800-225-9492 or 508-366-8851,
Fax: 508-898-2427

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