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Statements To Avoid During A Job Interview

bullet"You could do worse."
bullet"I'll work so hard you won't even know I'm there."
bullet"I'll need all my paid vacation time up front so I'll be rested when I start."
bullet"You can't turn me down because I smell bad. You have to have a reason."
bullet"If you call the people I listed as references, please call my parole officer last."
bullet"That big thing growing on my face isn't my fault."
bullet"I don't do drugs at work any more. And I probably won't"
bullet"I can go all day without peeing once."
bullet"If you hired my dumbass brother then you can surely hire me."
bullet"I've got lots of experience I'll be getting on this job if you hire me."
bullet"If you hire me I promise not to say anything about the interviewer's wicked bad breath."
bullet"I won't sue you when you fire me."
bullet"My arrest record is all a bunch of lies."
bullet"The sticky stuff on my hands isn't what you think."
bullet"Don't call that bitch I used to work for."
bullet"Iff you kin reed my handriting, ain't that gud enuff fer me to get the job?
bullet"I was a sniper in the Army."
bullet"I pack my lunch in a diaper pail."
bullet"The only reason my grades in High School was so bad was because all the teachers thought I was stupid because I didn't pass the tests. They wasn't being fair to me because they don't like me."
bullet"I pack my diapers in a lunch pail."
bullet"I can make explosives from Windex, white-out, and copy machine toner."
bullet"If you hire me you can blow your nose on my sleeve any time you want to."
bullet"I'll need a company car and a driver because I can't legally drive anywhere in the Western Hemisphere except Cuba and it sucks to go there."
bullet"If you hire me don't tell the Welfare until I get my Jeep paid off."
bullet"The sticky stuff on my sleeve isn't what you think."
bullet"You don't have the BALLS to hire someone like me!"
bullet"If you hire me I will show up. That's all I can promise for sure, but maybe it will be better than that and I will sure try."
bullet"When do we eat?"
bullet"How long do I have to work here before I can collect unemployment again?"
bullet"Don't go checking into my record, but if you do, she swore she was 18."
bullet"I don't hear the voices anymore. Do not. Do not. Do not. SHUT UP!!!"
bullet"If you give me a job you're OK but if you don't you suck."
bullet"I don't DO applications."
bullet"If I work here I'll wear the stupid uniform as long as I can wear any kind of underwear I want."
bullet"That sticky stuff in my chair isn't what you think."
bullet"This will be my first job since the Beatles broke up because they really pissed me off!"
bullet"I won't have to do anything, will I"
bullet"If I get sick on the job, will I have to clean up my own puke?"
bullet"Can I bring my goat to the company daycare center?"
bullet"I collect guns. You probably want to tell me that I got the job now, right?"
bullet"I'm not what? Oh yeah? Well here's what you can do with your friggin' job..."