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Welcome to the Alden Museum 

Exhibitions wanted!  Pictures, documents, you name it! 
Got any old 9600's hanging around? How about a Marinefax? Donate a picture!
If you have something to loan the Museum, please email:

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Click on thumbnails for enlargements - From the Bob Soderman archive

1996 SEC
Edgar filing for Alden
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Business Card

circa 1997- create your own
zephyrwood.jpg (26326 bytes)
Zephyr Logo on Wood Block
"This block was given to Jimmie Smith and sat prestigiously in Jimmie office until 4/24/92. With deep gratitude, Jimmie gave this to me upon my (not by my choice) separation from Alden/Zephyr." - Paul Foster
zephyrplan.jpg (18821 bytes) Planning the New Addition
"Attached is a photo taken when the initial planning was being done for Alden/Zephyr Network Control Center.  Don't remember the exact time frame.
Also, I'll let the viewers try to remember who the folks are in the picture. Enjoy. -Jimmie Smith"
Note: Scale Model from Mal Partridge  
alfaxpen.jpg (11131 bytes)

"This giveaway pen still writes!" - Dave Johnson
billhighlandscard.jpg (15675 bytes)
Business Card 

"from Bill Highlands
circa early 90's" - Paul Foster
Cartoon0001.jpg (55575 bytes)Cartoon
"Attached is a cartoon that might come pretty close to home in terms of the Alden situation over the past couple of years. - Jimmie Smith"
aephoto.jpg (46982 bytes) Recent Photo
"a common sight at Alden.  a Harvey dumpster out front" - photo supplied by Dave Lehto
EPIRB406_HAT.jpg (45021 bytes)SATFIND HAT
- Supplied by Paul Piscitelli
SUMMERFEST94__FRONT.jpg (84219 bytes) SUMMERFEST94__BACK.jpg (60180 bytes) 
    Front / Back  of Summer Fest 94" T-Shirt
-Supplied by Paul Piscitelli
AL__Jock_C.jpg (622058 bytes)  Al_JA___JC.jpg (622339 bytes)  JA_JC___AP.jpg (572664 bytes)
3 pictures of Jacques Cousteau
- Supplied by Al Pepin
Marine_Dislpay.jpg (699822 bytes)   MarineFax_Display.jpg (587036 bytes)
2 pictures of the "Marine Display" set up for Jacques Cousteau
-Supplied by Al Pepin