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PS: Sorry if links don't always work, at the time they were announced, they did.

bullet10/10/2006 - Received an email from Manuel Ojeda, President of Morecom International, Inc. -
"We have been working on re-launching the Alden marine line with a whole family of new products. We are almost ready to do it I will let you know when it's done." 
Their website has this Alden page:
bullet10/4/06- Stayin' Alive: The 9315CTP Lives on -
bulletAlden Products bought by Amphenol
bulletBuyout Buccaneer - an Artilce from Forbes Mag. about PEH, and our beloved prior owners.
bullet Going Going Gone! - a great "Alden news report" from Scott Nowell
bulletAlden Electronics is shut by Sheriff - from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette
bulletFarewells from the Weather Community  have some fun...